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gyaru_com_sales's Journal

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GYARU Community Sales
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A place to sell your gyaru fashion and accessories


First off, this is a sales community for gyaru and gyaru-related items. If you are looking for lolita items, go to EGL_COMM_SALES.

No sales of lolita, visual kei, cosplay or any other unrelated fashion is allowed.


You MUST post a link to your FEEDBACK. If you are a first-time seller, you MUST indicate that you do not yet have feedback. Posts without feedback will be deleted without notice.

You may have three pictures outside of the LJ-Cut, which must be 400x400 or smaller. Any other pictures must be under the cut. INSTRUCTIONS FOR LJ-Cut can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/75.html Posts with more than 3 photos above the LJ-Cut will be deleted without notice.


Sales posts must contain items which portray the look of any gyaru substyles, auch as ganguro and himegyaru.

Sale items must be in the catagories of clothing, accessories, shoes and magazines portraying gyaru related styles such as ViVi and EGG.

Non-qualifying items will be deleted without notice.

Sale items must appear to be of good quality.

Please make it clear if the item is a replica.


If an item does not sell, you may post again after 1 week.

If you lower the price, you may post in less than a week, but please do not spam.


Only link to your specific gyaru items.

Should you provide a link to your sales, that link must go directly to your gyaru items. Do not link to pages which contain a few gyaru items among lolita items or items not for sale.


All "Want to Buy" posts must follow the above rules.

Posting is moderated to prevent spam.



Due to a considerable increase in scammers, including those that open stores, collect money and then close the store and disappear, we are now implementing a black list. Please PM moderator immediately with reports of any scamming. You must provide proof that you paid for goods and did not receive them. Once proof is provided, the name/PayPal account will be added to the Black List. The last registered LiveJournal ID of the scammer will be banned, but of course, this does not prevent them from creating a new ID and coming back. So, it is important that everyone participate in contributing information to stop scammers.

If you feel you have been banned unjustly, you must contact the moderators and submit your proof of sending the merchandise.

BLACK LIST can be found here: http://gyaru-com-sales.livejournal.com/2039467.html

To prevent further scamming, we have added the requirement of including a FEEDBACK LINK to your selling/buying/trading post, thanks!

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