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GYARU Community Sales
Moving SALE♥♥ 
5th-Sep-2016 11:56 pm
Hello Gals,There are lot of Liz Lisa clothes and some another brand,
Please watch this!

Sales Rules
-Shipping from Belgium.
-I prefer to sent to EU country(avavailable us to too)
-Depends on the shipping method,weigh,and country,shipping fee will change.

-The price included shipping is accepted to some countries in Europe.

-Only accepting Paypal and in Euro as payment(The price does not include Paypal fee)
-I'm not responsible for lost packages.and custom charges too.
-No Refunds,No return,No exchange,No trade
-Its possible to send by KIALA

***when you buy 2 or moreLiz Lisa clothes,you can get  liz lisa chouchou for free!

Misch Masch Back Ribbon Knit Top
size Free
15Euro*Include shipping

5 nail stickers
8.5Euro*Include shipping

Dipdrops Ribbon pink short pants
size Free
15Euro*Include shipping

Misch Masch beige Flare shorts
size Free
14Euro*Include shipping

Dazzlin cat T-shirt
size Free
14Euro*Include shipping

Liz Lisa frill pouch
8Euro*Include shipping

Liz Lisa Ribbon Jeans Jacket
size free
19Euro*Include shipping
Liz Lisa pink gingham camisole
size free
19Euro*Include shipping

Liz Lisa Orange towel
*There is some small flaws
13Euro*Include shipping
Lodispotto Navy short pants
Size M
14euro*Include shipping

Esperanza pink ribbon heel
size L(23.5-24.5cm)
19euro*Include shipping

Jayro High heels sabot
size M(23.5-24.0cm)
20euro*Include shipping
PicMonkey Collage11111111

Kumikki x Fiapper Lace dolman T-shirt
size M
14euro*Include shipping


Liz Lisa White Dress
Size Free
20euro*Include shipping

Liz Lisa white dress
size free
20euro*Include shipping

Lodispotto black Ribbon down coat
Size M
34euro*include shipping


Lodispotto black Ribbon Shoes
Size M(EU37)


Lodispotto black 3Way coat
Size M *Fur and collar can removable
32euro*Include shipping

CECIL McBEE LeopardScarf
Size Free
18euro*Include shipping

Lodispotto reversible coat
size M
18.5Euro*Include shipping

Pinkage;Skinpiece 2tones brown straight extension
purchaser who buy 2more wigs can get the stand of wig
18Euro*Include shipping

ESPERANZA ribbon short boots
Size L(23.5-24cm)※there are some scratches
18 euro*Include shipping
PicMonkey Collage

If you have any questions, please Ask me!
Thank youuuu!
27th-Sep-2016 06:15 pm (UTC) - Product Inquiry
Is the Dripdrops pink bow ribbon shorts and the bow back ribbed knit top still available?
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